How do you become Santa Claus? Do you need to take any classes?

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I didn’t take any classes. But I’ve watched all movies about Santa Claus that I could. There are a lot of kinds of Santas: you've got the aggressive Brooklyn Santa, Santa from 'A miracle on 34th Street', Santa without 'A year without Santa' – he is very soft, wise, like Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter. 

Then you've got the Santa Claus from 'Rudolph', who is wise, has this long beard, he’s kind of a maverick. And he is very skinny! You cannot have a skinny Santa. But he is bossy. He comes in, and the people don't remember this, but he ridicules Rudolph in the first scene for having a bad nose. So that's not a very nice Santa. This Santa is more like a football coach. You want to get the game done, he needs the best reindeer for his team. But still, he is a good Santa.

'Bad Santa' – this Santa would be more like angry Dumbledore. But still there, still magical.

Santa from the 'Frosty the Snowman' cartoon – that was the absolute best Santa Claus. He is the softest Santa, he's forgiving. He teaches people about mortality and about letting go and forgiveness and talk about patience, this is the best Santa I think of all time. He is the one I aspire to be. I tried as much as I could. I took my voice from Rudolf's Santa, but my persona would be from 'Frosty'.

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