What does Santa know that other people don't?

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I really get a chance to observe people, to see how we are as a society. There's a lot of distrust. The first question that people ask is 'Is it free? How much does it cost?' But it's FREE, just come on up! The first thing people are worried about is money.

It's sad that people questioning Santa – this beacon of hope – about the money.

There's a lot of cynicism also. I feel like unfortunately there's a lot of kids this month who didn't come sit on my lap because their parents didn't trust me.

I also see how much people are into their phones. You are sitting there, waving at everybody and is ready to take selfie with you or record a video but people are sneaking as if I don't see them recording the video with me. And whenever that happens I just wave at them and I go ho-ho-ho right to the video. This time you've got free great videos with Santa. Merry Christmas.

And I always make sure that everyone gets a picture even if they don't have a phone or camera. I ask someone who's passing by to make a picture on her phone and text it to them. "Ho-ho-ho?" Santa asks you. You're going to do it of course.

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