Olga Zeveleva
December 2017.

Do you think it's important to believe in miracles?

ConversationSanta Claus
1 answer

Absolutely. Hey, you've got to keep hope alive. I think hope is the most important thing. Not just in kids – kids are filled with hope until they grow up and become adults.

I like to see adults loosen up around the kids too. They go shopping with their kids, which is kind of a pain in the butt sometimes. But the magic happens when they see the smile and the sparkle in their kids' eyes – and the parents get to the Christmas spirit! This is what it's about! My job is not just for the kids. I really do look for adults too, and anyone who wants can come sit on my lap and get a Merry Christmas from Santa, and tell me their dreams of what they want. I had one lady today, she just came up to me and she said 'I want my family back'. Her family died. And her boyfriend will be not in the city for Christmas, so she will be alone for Christmas. And I said to her that things are going to get better, the days are going to start getting longer, spring will soon come back and we are going to have summer, everything's going to be beautiful again. You've got to just keep things going. She was very happy because I reminded her that today might be sad, but in five years you're not going to be thinking about today. You don't go for worries, just be as happy as you can. So forget the kids. I mean the kids are great, but I really love what I do for for the adults. And I'm doing this for me too. It's making me happier. It fills my soul.

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