Olga Zeveleva
December 2017.

Did you ever meet Santa Claus, like in the 'Bad Santa' movie?

1 answer

No, I haven't, but I'm sure that every mall Santa has a little bit of Bad Santa in them. People are still waving at you even when you are going to pee, or when you want to have your lunch and want to hurry people up. Sometimes I can relate to that guy in Bad Santa Claus very much.

Sometimes Santas don't have the best hygiene, they look sweaty, they look gross. Once I saw a particularly gross Santa on the subway, but besides that I don't know any rude Santas.

The thing is, it's a big responsibility. I never ever ever want to be a Santa Claus that breaks Santa Claus for a kid. I can never be that guy. You must be vigilant if you have the suit on – you must be committed to that because you can never ruin that for a kid. That's the Worst Sin of Being a Santa.

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