Olga Zeveleva
December 2017.

What is it like to work as Santa Claus?

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Well, it's definitely the best job I ever had. Getting to do this Santa Claus gig – this has been the best month of my life.

I'm an actor, but I've never been Santa Claus before this. And the past couple of years I've been a waiter to support myself. This month I made so much from Santa Claus, so I don't have to wait tables. I've been doing all Santa Claus's things: I did the mall Santa Claus every weekend, I've also gone to adult daycare centers, to Ronald McDonald House to see the sick kids. Some people are just visiting from somewhere, so they just rent out hotel rooms and hire me as a private Santa to hand out gifts for their kids, sing songs etc.

I love being Santa – it means just basically being happy, doesn't it? And it's about making other people happy. It's the best job in the world. I love acting, but this world is tough. And if I think about what I really want to do – I just want to be happy in my life. And I've gotten paid well to make people happy. It's the perfect job. Everybody who I smile to, or wave at, or say Merry Christmas, or ho-ho-ho them – they all smile back. Especially the ones who are trying not to smile. I aim at them and I do my ho-ho-ho and they do smile, even if they didn't want to. And smiling is awesome.

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