Olga Zeveleva
8 January 23:46.

How can blockchain be applied in railroad transportation?

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Answered by a partner of TheQuestion

One of the ways to apply blockchain technology to railroads is to use it as a platform for booking cargo transportation.

A blockchain platform could also be used to store information about facilities and equipments, or for registering cargo, for example.

However, you have to keep in mind that there must be a good reason for using blockchain technology in any given market. If a project can be carried out using a regular database, then you don't need to turn to blockchain technology.

I’m not sure. There are proposals for application of blockchain in tenders; I am not sure what kind of tender system is used for railroad transportation, but I have seen proposals where the government needs to allocate some resource and needs to have a bidding system, then those bids can be recorded on to a blockchain so that no one can tamper with it, and everyone can verify whether the right person won the bid or not. That might be one way to use blockchain in railroad transportation as well.