Olga Zeveleva
October 2017.

How can an ordinary person actively fight against capitalism?

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This will be very modest advice, I don’t pretend to have a big answer. The first thing (although it’s not that positive yet, but would still be a great thing) would be for people to become aware, to lose this protective attitude where they say “let’s keep a little bit of happiness the way we are, let’s keep the system the way it is". And it can be done gradually, we can gradually show that the fault is in the system itself. And this is the biggest strategy of today’s ideology, to divide this. 

Remember the financial crackdown of 2008. This is why I was deeply suspicious of this false anti-capitalism of you know, attacking those corrupted rich men. No, the problem is in the system. You know, individuals - I am an anthropological pessimist here - they were all the time corrupted and so on, but why is it that they are able to do it in the way they do it today? And then, the second thing - I am not such a big pessimist here - you know, all modest measures are not equal. There are some measures, political proposals and demands, which may appear modest, can really be too dramatic for the system. In the United States (though I am not naive when it comes to Obama), it was clear that his universal healthcare proposal, for the United States it was too much. Although it was possible in other countries (Canada has it, and most of Europe), but there it’s too much for their ideology.

So my idea is that we must be aware that the system as such is doomed, and we have to be ready for some big ecological, social crisis. But it doesn’t mean that you should just sit and watch pornography and masturbate till that point. The art is to pick up on specific struggles, and they are not the same in all countries. Like in the United States it was universal healthcare. We can be innocent about it and say that most developed capitalist countries have it, so what’s the problem? But really, the system cannot integrated it. Because the trick of democratic capitalism is crucial: apparently formally it gives you all the choices, but many choices are de-facto prohibited. You cannot do it. So with capitalist democracy it’s always that paradox. I give you the freedom to choose if you make the right choice. If we explore this space, many things can be done.

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