Olga Zeveleva
October 2017.

Why aren't young people rebelling like they did in 1968?

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I think we should not just blame the young people. This is the fundamental problem. We can play this game, how the global capitalistic ideology is manipulating us and so on and so on, but people simply - by "people" I mean the majority of ordinary people in the developed West - they simply don’t think that the left has an actual offer or alternative model. 

You may have some friends groups with more radical propositions, but that's the limit. I’ll put it this way: you remember Fukuyama. Even the majority of the left today, at least the big established left, what they offer is leftist fukuyamaism. You accept the system of capitalism and liberal democracy as it is, and you say, "let's just do this a little bit to the left: more ecology, more social openness towards feminism, different sexual identities and so on", but there are absolutely no serious plans - serious in the sense of viable - people cannot even imagine an actual alternative to capitalism. In their experience, and this is the legacy of the 20th century, the left in power, the radical left, led to 3 results: 

1) Either totalitarian terror, or other forms of catastrophe like Venezuela now.  

2) Second, simple social democratic betrayal - you join the system, you just want to make it a little bit better. 

3) Or the worst version for me - this politically correct moralisation. You are not able to propose a project of global change, so you go into moralising you know, like oh my god, that expression is racist. 

You know, I know this third point from my personal experience when there was this Occupy Wall Street. It was incredible how it was just some general idea of being against corruption, irrationality of the system, I spent time on Wall Street and in Frankfurt, all the places, and I was asking people a simple question: what do you want? Nothing. Just some vague ideas about a more just order, and so on and so on. 

So I don’t blame the ordinary people, because I don’t see any idea which would really appear socialist, so maybe this is ideological manipulation. The left - that’s why you have all this - it’s a very sad phenomenon with political correctness and so on, this radical moralisation of the left. Moralisation of politics is for me always a sign that you don’t really have an idea about how to change it, so you moralise. So again, I don’t blame ordinary people.

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