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May 2017.

What happened at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester?

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Hi I'm Callum J McMahon. I have been getting a lot of kind messages from people tonight and a lot of people asking me what actually took place so I hope I can help with what's I witnessed during this horrible night

Around 22:30, me and my girlfriend just after the concert had finished and Ariana has walked off the stage. We began to start walking out from the concert to the exit. We was one of the first to be leaving due to how close our seats where to the exit

As me and my girlfriend was approaching the exit which was literally right in front of us, there was a huge bang.Initially I thought it could possibly be Ariana about to perform another song but it came from the opposite direction to the stage. Right in front of us. Straight ahead I see the combination of smoke, screams of terror people running in the opposite direction, stuff falling to the ground. Truly horrible scenes, something I wouldn't wish upon no one 

This is when I knew it was an explosion and at the time also thinking it was a terror attack. I grab my girlfriend by the wrist and just run as fast as I can pulling her along with me as we are both screaming out of fear. My thought process is these could possibly be my last moments alive.  

My mind set was to just run don't look back don't stop. We managed to get out the venue safely. Hundreds of people outside crying and looking shook up. We then waited around 5 minutes away from the arena for my partners parents to pick us up. They where 3 minutes away but it took them 45 minutes to get to us.

After the explosion I witnessed I did not hear anything else nor see anything else. Police and ambulances where rushed to the arena and where a huge help. Even the taxi drivers where offering free rides home

Thankfully we managed to get to the car safely and get to our homes safely back in Liverpool.

We luckily did not receive any injuries and my heart goes out to all the people involved and stuff in Manchester for the night and for anyone injured

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After Ariana said her goodbyes to all her fans, the explosions went off. Everybody ran out of the arena either crying, some left their children there, some ran out with blood on their clothes, everybody was evacuated, it was horrible.

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At about 10:30pm after the Ariana Grande concert had finished there was a loud bang that came from the right hand side of the Arena, at first I believed that there was another number about come on stage and then there was a silence and suddenly there was a manic rush and screaming to get to the exits, and I could smell some smoke through the doors, words cannot fully describe how traumatic and shaking the whole ordeal was and I was very lucky to get out of there unharmed, I am deeply saddened by the injuries that occurred tonight and my heart goes out to everyone who has a family member around that area who went to the concert tonight. To the man that helped me tonight, bless your heart you were amazing to take me under your wing and get me to safety - I hope people are now understanding that this does happen when you least at expect it and you need to make sure you stay safe ALWAYS 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻❤️

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