Olga Zeveleva
April 2017.

What should I do and see as a tourist in Kiev?

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The Golden Gate area is very interesting to walk around. So are Volodymyrska street and Yaroslaviv Val. Make sure to go to the Picturesque Alley and use the funicular. 

Among museums, I recommend the Bulgakov House, the Museum of One Street, and the Art Museum of Khanenko. Great exhibitions are often held by the Arsenal Gallery and the IZOLYATSIA Art Space.

Seeing at least some of the ancient monasteries is a must. St. Sophia and the Lavra complex are among the oldest and most beautiful. St. Kyrylo's Monastery is not as famous and located off the beaten path, but also worth a visit. It's not as crowded and has artwork by Michael Vrubel.

For some modern Kiev street-life, visit large events such as the Street Food Festival, Made in Ukraine markets, the Kurazh Bazar flea market or one of the many festivals at Art-zavod Platforma.

Kiev has some wonderful parks. You can go to the centrally located Maryinskyi Park with views over the Dnipro river or Holosiivsky park, which is more like a forest.

Keep your eyes open for murals. They can be found all over the city - it's a  recent trend. Not all of them are great works of art, some are kitsch, but it's definitely an interesting phenomenon. 

My favorite coffee, dessert and wine places are Kachorovska cafe in the Podil district, Honey on Yaroslavov Val, Chashka by day / Nevinniy bar by night. There are many great cafes, this is a thriving market in Kiev.

If you are a girl and you like vintage - go to the Vintage Ekipazh little store. It's a gem of a place where you can find clothes and accessories from different eras restored by vintage enthusiasts. There are many little stores that sell Ukraine-made clothing. I like 482 and Sisters'.

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What every person should do and see as a tourist in the capital of Ukraine? Well, I have been visiting this beautiful city for many years, so I will try to give you some recommendations. 

First of all you should go to the Kyiv central street named Khreshchatyk. You will definitely fall in love with this place and feel Ukrainian culture and traditions. Another place you should visit is Maidan. Yeah, it's not a joke. Maidan is the main Kyiv square, and it's safe enough at the moment, I promise ;) The last, but not least is The Motherland Calls, which is, in my opinion, one of the most inspiring and great monuments across the world. 

So that's it, hope you will enjoy Kyiv and  it will become one of your favorite cities in your tourist collection!

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