Anna Walker
April 2017.

What are the best things about being Irish?

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  1. Whatever country you visit, you'll always meet your fellow Irish people.

    2. We're full of craic. There's never a dull moment when we're around with our senses of humour.

3. St Patrick's Day. The best national holiday, everyone gets involved and gets pissed.

4. Being Grand. If your dog has died or you've stubbed or toe or failed university, everything will be "grand", so don't sweat it.

5. We've made coffee even better. Irish coffee anyone? Clearly the best!

6. Father Ted. The greatest ever sitcom that aired in the 90s on Channel 4, it's jokes are still popular today.

7. Our literary heroes. Between Yeats, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Seamus Heaney, Ireland has produced some of the world's best writers and works of literature.

8. Our food! Between potatoes, Ulster Frys, Tayto Crisps and Irish Stew, we make the best comfort food ever.

9. Our Irish names. From Niamh to Aoife, Caolan, Oisin, Eoghan, Siobhan and Eoghan, we've confused the world over with our weird and wonderful Gaeilge names. 

10. Ireland is the world’s most green and beautiful country. The island over, we're home to outstanding natural beauty with endless brilliant green hills and dramatic cliffs and picturesque beaches and a turquoise sea.

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