Anna Walker
1 April 18:28.
What are the best things about being Bulgarian?
1 answer

As a Bulgarian I am proud of our culture and our traditions. At the moment I am living abroad and I really miss skiing during the winter and going to the seaside during the summer.

1.  The weather is quite charming, and the weather amplitude can vary from -20 during the winter to +40 degrees during the summer.

2. The lifestyle in Bulgaria is slower compared to the one in London, it doesn't have the same tempo. 

3. The best things to do in Bulgaria is to go climbing or sunbathing. The seaside cities provide great nightlife and beaches, where you can enjoy the sun throughout the day and get tanned. There are couple of mountains that can be visited in Bulgaria.

4. There are many dungeon and castles that are still untouched for many years. 

Bulgaria is great place to be and I am proud to be Bulgarian.