How does it feel to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

27 February
27 February
Editors Note: Lina Ben Mhenni was widely rumoured to have been nominated fort the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, for her work chronicling the country's revolution in her blog, A Tunisian Girl. She reportedly found out she had been nominated on Twitter, as nominations are not made public until fifty years after winners are announced.

When I knew about that nomination I was really surprised. When I started to be active I was expecting arrest, torture and maybe death. I did not believe it. 

But let me say that it has been a really hard experience for me. I was so sad to see jealous people attacking, harassing, and organizing defamation campaigns against me. I could not have a minute for myself. Journalists were calling from all over the world. 

Still, I cannot deny that this helped me in the work I do. It allowed me to meet very important people around the world to discuss the situation and human rights issues in Tunisia. The responsibility is so big now. 

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