Why did revolution in Tunisia have different results to those in the rest of the Arab world?

27 February
27 February

Let me say that I do not like this tendency to make comparisons between the different countries of the so-called Arab Spring. Each country has its own characteristics  – geographical, historical, political, demographical, cultural, and so on.

Tunisians did not have recourse to weapons and violence to solve their problems – instead, they chose dialogue to do it. Even when the country witnessed attempts at the use of violence, Tunisians rejected that.

Tunisia already had strong institutions before the revolution. These same institutions kept on working after the beginning of the revolution. Tunisia has a strong civil society that played the role of a strong watchdog, which helped in saving the country from real divides and civil wars.

I will finish by saying that Tunisian women are very strong and independent and saved the country from the rise of extremism and blood baths.

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