Jim Butler
January 2017.

Should I pay attention to my dreams?

1 answer

You should. They can indicate things like stress or other things that are going on in your life. But also they can be generally entertaining. People that do have vivid dreams and keep a dream diary can spend time enjoying them. Lucid dreaming can certainly be enjoyable.

I certainly don’t think you should write them off as being something that just happens to you. If you suffer from nightmares these can be very disruptive – certainly when it comes to sleeping and by extension your general health. So if people are having problems with their dreams it’s not pleasant and it’s something you should look at seriously.

Nightmares, for example, are dreams. They’re just negative, and can be fearful – often relating to situations that want to be avoided. Nightmares can be indicative of wider issues such as stress or reflective of a traumatic event like PTSD that someone has experienced. We see a higher incidence of nightmares among people that suffer from PTSD, often reflecting the traumatic event itself.

So in this respect it’s certainly worth paying them attention. Firstly, because they’re generally interesting. And secondly, because they can reflect other issues or anxieties. They can cause problems if they’re particularly unpleasant; nasty dreams can have consequences.