Andrew Male
November 2016.
How can a lawyer defend someone they know is guilty?
1 answer

We don’t know that people are guilty, because we weren't there when the incident took place, we never know what really happened, and our job, no matter what we think of the individual, is to present their case in a professional and thorough manner. We might look at the evidence and suspect that the person is guilty, but our view, and it’s universal amongst defence lawyers, is that everyone is entitled to representation against the state and everyone is entitled to defend any allegations made against them.

Which is why someone like Thomas Mair, appeared at The Old Bailey with a legal team presenting his case. We don't have to like all our clients, we don't have to approve of their behaviour, but one thing is for sure, we must fight for the right for legal aid for everyone, no matter how long they’ve lived in the country, no matter what their means are, no matter what the nature of the allegation against them is. That’s is the legacy of the Legal Aid and Advice Act in 1949, and it’s something that we continue to fight for. Once you take away people’s right of representation then our country has totally fallen apart.