November 2016.

How can I protect my own finances ahead of Brexit?

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Although it is true that it will take months or even years for the full implications of Brexit to be clear, recent data from the Office for National Statistics has not reflected the collapse in confidence predicted by some surveys since the Referendum. House prices have continued to rise and unemployment has also been stable, for instance.

It is worth being aware of the ‘what if’ scenarios as the situation develops – it is possible that savings rates may fall further across Europe and if the pound’s weakness persists, the cost of other imported goods may also rise. Regardless of the information currently available, individuals need to take it upon themselves to make their own decisions when it comes to their money.

The scene post-Brexit presents a number of opportunities to anyone with basic financial knowledge. For those young people that are worried about their financial future and don’t know what to do about it, there are tools and information available that will enable them to take advantage of the current market climate.

Investing in the post-June 23rd climate can be daunting – particularly for novices – but there are some excellent opportunities out there right now, with more to come. It’s just a case of putting in the necessary legwork.

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