Who is fundamentally to blame for the Israel-Palestine conflict?

21 November

I don’t like to have the blame game. But if an Olympic discipline of blame game existed, both sides would take gold, silver and bronze. Because instead of solving problems, they’re blaming each other.

However, fundamentally, I would argue that the stronger, occupying force has more responsibility than the other. It doesn’t make the other side a bunch of saints; it too carries responsibility. But building settlements is probably the biggest historical mistake. I don’t think the current government in Israel is interested in peace in the sense that it’s ready to make compromises. On the other hand, Palestinian society is divided. By not finding a commonality, or shared interests, by not building a single government between Gaza and the West Bank , that definitely hampers the Palestinians’ chances.

Then there is the international community. It’s not committed enough to make it to make it happen. It loses interest when the next shiny thing comes along. 

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