November 2016.

What gets said on the football field that we never hear about?

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All the industrial language you would expect! There are players who will trade insults and players who won’t. Players who will try to wind you up and others who won’t. Its the human element. Some players will create conflict to motivate themselves; others might know you like conflict and so actively go out of their way to avoid it. There is some amateur psychology. 

But there is a lot of mutual respect for people who have achieved certain things in the game, played at a high level. I think if you mic'ed up people in cricket or rugby you would get the same level of profanity, sledging and people trying to put others off their game. There are lines that are hopefully not crossed in terms of religion, race, sexuality and so on and the more education is done the more players understand that. We still have some issues, things that go on which are not acceptable, but I think during my career football has pushed the envelope in trying to identify and make them better. In terms of things that are on the table though, there is no shortage of that.

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