What’s the best city in the world for street biking?

5 October

Barcelona is amazing. The architecture is fantastic – modern and old. There are lots of sculptures to see and loads of random obstacles and surfaces to work on. There are so many plazas all over the city and every corner has some of the best stair sets that you’ve ridden in your life. It’s as if the whole city has been designed for street riding, and Barcelona's been a legendary spot within the BMX and skateboard scenes for a while now. It’s a must-see destination for anyone who’s into any street sports.

Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities to ride in, too. I made my first major film for Inspired Bicycles there, but it’s a very different place to Barcelona. The city is a little bit older, which means there's less random surfaces to try out, I guess because they were so much more expensive to build when they were made out of sandstone. But the city has plenty of interesting lines to ride; you just have to look a bit harder. One of my favourite spots has to be Hunter’s Square. It has a small, raised plaza area. It’s not so good for BMX or skateboarders, but for a street trials rider it has plenty of interesting walls and stair sets to explore.

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