October 2016.

Does penis size matter?

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Men are far more obsessed with the size of their penis than women are. In most research, women don’t even rank it in the top five ideal attributes for a mate.

It’s true than some men are ‘showers’ (their penises look big flaccid but don’t grow that much when erect) or ‘growers’ (they look small when not erect but grow a lot when they are). Statistics vary wildly but the average length of an erect penis is around 5.1 inches, the average girth when erect is 4.8 inches and the average length when flaccid (not erect) is 3.5 inches.

Eighty per cent of women climax through stimulation of the clitoris, which is outside the vagina. So an erect penis isn’t necessary, and is in fact, highly ineffective, at making women orgasm. A talented hand, tongue or vibrator is far more successful.

Having said that, most women also enjoy penetration, so a penis that’s an average size is appreciated. Men focus on the length of the penis but it’s the width that is actually more important. The reason why is that most of the nerve endings of the vagina are concentrated in the first inch of the vaginal canal. The thicker the penis, the more likely it is to make contact with all those nerve endings.

The vaginal canal also balloons when aroused and gets bigger the further you penetrate, so that extra inch which is so important to you, may not even be felt by her. Big penises can be painful. If her cervix is easily hit, that groan when she sees how large you are maybe more a groan of dread than desire.

The only time when the size of your penis becomes a problem is when the owner obsesses about it. Relax and accept what you’ve been given and you’ll generally find your partner will too.

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