October 2016.

What makes street trials different to other bike sports?

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Street trials doesn’t really have a competition aspect. The sport is based on a rider using the environment around them, and it isn’t judged in any way – there’s no point-based system, or subjective marking.

The scene originally scene came out of bike trials, which was a spin off from motorbike trials, a competition in which a rider has to jump over a series of obstacles without putting his or her foot down – that’s known as dabbing. The competitor that completes the course in allocated time with the least dabs wins. The pedal bike version began when pro rider Ot Pi was taught how to perform a lot of the motorbike skills on a push bike.

That scene wasn’t really for me because I’m not competitive, plus there are plenty of tricks in the mix during street trials. A rider does what they like on the bike and it’s an incredibly creative form of riding, but it’s a very niche sport globally, probably because it’s a little bit more expensive than skateboarding in terms of the equipment. As long as you’re imaginative you can do it anywhere, though. All you need are some walls, rocks or logs to jump off. It’s great fun.

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