Why can’t Liverpool break into the Top Four?

29 September

Money. They’re not buying what Sir Alex Ferguson used to call top, top players. They’re buying very good ones. (German midfielder) Emre Can is a very good player and he’ll get better. (Brazilian midfielder) Phillipe Coutinho is a very, very good player, but he’s not Luis Suárez. To use examples of players that have started well this season, he’s not Kevin de Bruyne. That’s the scale of player that Jurgen Klopp needs to get, and their lack of spending power means they’ll stay out of the Champions League spots.

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money all the time, but the fact that Liverpool have changed management so much hasn’t helped. You don’t get value for money then. Clubs tend to pay more when a new manager comes in, even Liverpool, who have a transfer committee system. That in itself is a flawed concept because you have to buy players for tomorrow, which won’t help you to qualify for the Champions League today. They would have never have signed Zlatan, for example, because he’s too old. They think too much about it these days, rather than just blending a team.

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