September 2016.

Was Leicester City’s success a one off?

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Yes, because so many factors came together last year that will never, ever happen again. Just think: not only were a team like Leicester performing well above the sum of their parts, but they got a bit of luck with injuries, with big decisions going their way in certain games. They also had six or seven massive teams failing miserably around them. I can’t see how that could happen again. It was unbelievable.

When Claudio Ranieri started he was treated harshly, though. The fans weren’t delighted with his appointment because of his time with Greece, but straightaway he fostered an amazing spirit at the club, even with the players that didn’t get into the team. They liked playing for him. They should be able to keep that spirit going this season.

But teams might have worked them out by now. They will definitely be more fired up to beat them. Losing to a depleted Hull team on the first day of the season will have concerned fans, but the old Leicester returned against Arsenal when they should have won, and Swansea and Burnley when they did. In terms of players, they only really lost N’Golo Kante to Chelsea, and they’ve secured several more on new contracts. Their house is in order.

Realistically, they will finish somewhere between mid-table and the Europa League spots. That will be a good season for them though, because with the Champions League they’ll have an extra competition to balance. It’s uncharted territory.

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