What is an interview?
Interviews are great, especially when the person answering the questions is fascinating and knowledgeable. But it's such a shame that most of us usually only read or listen to interviews as opposed to conducting them, so we get stuck with questions the journalist wants to ask. TheQuestion is changing all that. We're inviting incredible guests to set up Interview pages here, and you can ask them your questions directly. Our guests want to talk to you. Ask away, and tell us who you want us to invite to TheQuestion Interviews in the future.
How does it work?
We find fascinating and knowledgeable people who are willing to answer your questions. Our team arranges a meeting with the person, we announce the date of the meeting, and launch an Interview. You have time to ask all the questions you want before that date. When we meet our guest, we show them your questions. They pick what they like most and write up answers. We publish them here for you!
Published answers